Avoid Using Misleading Words in Corporate Housing Rental Listings

Avoid using misleading words in corporate housing Obviously when a landlord puts together a listing for his rental property, he wants it to sound wonderful and oh-so-appealing. While landlords should be careful not to mislead, renters should also be prepared to understand this arsenal of popular misleading terms so they can investigate further into each term’s true meaning:

Unique – this might include a property that is too “unique” for the mainstream renter. Landlords should avoid using this word and rather explain what is exactly unique about the property within the listing.

Pet-friendly – this word might mean to a potential renter that the house stinks. Make sure you clarify in your listing that pets are accepted, but there is an additional cleaning fee. Prospective renters without pets will like seeing that the house caters to them too and it’s free from pet dander.

Cheap – while you may want to connect with someone on a budget, using the word “cheap” is to your disadvantage. No one wants to stay in a home that markets itself as cheap because it may mean things will fall apart when they’re staying there. Rather, use terms like budget-friendly, low-cost option for the area, great value, etc.

Remodeled – remember, a remodel is different to everyone. Someone might have put a new couch in the property and called it remodeled on their listing. If you’re looking for new amenities, ask the landlord to clarify what the term “remodeled” means.

Penthouse – while many dream of staying in a penthouse, a renter should clarify the property’s location. Is the property simply on the top floor of a five-story building? Landlords should use the term “top floor” vs. “penthouse” as not to mislead.

Here are some other words that might need some clarifying if you use them or see them in a corporate rental property listing:

  • Cozy=Cramped
  • Charming=Old
  • Tranquil=Not near anything
  • Exciting=Neighbors like to party

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