How to Encourage Corporate Housing Guest Reviews?

Having positive reviews on your listing from prior tenants is crucial to your success as a corporate housing landlord for several reasons.

  1. Future renters are heavily influenced by past renters – a review can help someone make a quicker decision about wanting to work with you. In fact, a positive review can create instant credibility in the eyes of a potential tenant.
  2. You’ll stand out – so few corporate housing landlords take the time to solicit reviews – but those who do get rewarded handsomely!

To solicit more reviews, make sure you have a good, clean listing. The first impression you make with a tenant starts with your listing. You want to have a well-written listing (no typos!) that is very descriptive. You also want to have great photos that illustrate what a tenant can expect when s/he arrives.

You also want to make sure your first interactions with the tenant are positive. You should respond to inquiries about your property as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours after the initial inquiry arrived. Consider setting up lead text alerts so you’re notified of inquiries in real time. Timely interactions lead to successful tenant reviews!

Now, once your tenant completes his/her visit, it’s time for that review!

The first step to getting a review is to ASK for one!  If you know your tenant had a positive experience, don’t be shy – ask them to write a review for you. A good time to ask is after their visit and once they’re settled back into life at their new home. Just don’t wait too long. Once their mindset is back to their everyday life, they may push your request to the bottom of their to-do list. A phone call is preferred but asking over email is fine too.

Second, SEND then directions on how to leave a review:

  1. They should first log-in to their free CHBO account (everyone has a password protected account when they inquire about a property),
  2. Once they log-in in, they can visit your listing’s page. Give them a link to your listing as a reminder.
  3. Next, show them where it says, “Leave a Review” – all they need to do is click on that icon and follow instructions from there.

CHBO How to Add a Tenant Review

Remember, getting tenant reviews can help boost the credibility of your property and help potential tenants make a quicker decision about working with you. A little effort to solicit those reviews goes a long way to ensuring your success as a CHBO landlord.

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