What To Do If Your Landlord Refuses to Make Repairs?

It can be frustrating to live in a furnished rental property that is not properly attended to and maintained by the landlord. Last week we talked about both the landlord’s and renter’s responsibilities when it came to maintenance, repairs and damage to a rental property. This week, let’s talk about what you can do if you’ve notified your landlord of a required repair and they haven’t taken action or responded…

Provide Written Notice: While you may have called or emailed your homeowner to request repairs, the best course of action is to provide written notice via snail mail, preferably via certified letter they have to sign for and acknowledge receipt of.

landlord frustrations

Withhold Rent: Ideally, your rental contract will outline the landlord’s responsbility for making repairs in a timely fashion and the process that should be put forth if the repairs are not made. Some local laws allow for renters to withhold rent until repairs are made or permit renters to make repairs themselves and deduct those fees from their rental payment. Check with your local laws and always consult legal advice before going to this extreme.

Report Code Violations to Authorities: If you believe your landlord’s neglect of repairs put you and your rental property in violation of city or building codes, report them. The city will send out authorities to investigate and demand speedy repairs and create fines for the landlord who is found to be neglectful.

Take ‘Em to Court: If all else fails, consider taking your landlord to court. Small claims courts are equipped to handle and rule in these types of cases. Judge Judy, here you come!

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