How Politics Impacts Corporate Housing?

corporate housing and politicsIf you don’t think politics impacts the corporate housing industry, think again. While it doesn’t matter who wins or loses the election, what does matter to the corporate housing industry is having enough properties to provide temporary, furnished housing for elected officials.
Did you know that most state legislators stay in temporary, furnished housing while they are in session? In Colorado, for example, 1,600 people come from all over the state to work in Denver when the State Legislature is in session. These elected officials all need temporary housing. If you have a furnished rental near the state legislator in your state, perhaps you could market your property to state legislators? To do this, pump up keywords in your property listing profile with words like, “near state capitol,” etc.
On the flip side, we have worked with plenty of state officials who had bought a property near their state capitals, furnished them, and then stayed in the properties while in session. These same officials would rent out their properties as corporate housing rentals between sessions and after they are no longer elected officials. If you’re an ousted elected official, perhaps you could rent out your furnished property to your competition – then at least you can be their landlord if not their congressman.
And here’s a fun fact on this exciting election day. Did you know that Washington DC has the highest number of corporate housing rental properties in the U.S.? This is mainly due to the transient nature of people in politics. Elected official today, ousted tomorrow!
Not got out and vote!

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