Should Corporate Housing Landlords Pay Realtor Commissions?

Realtor CommissionsChances are if you’ve been renting out your corporate housing property long enough, you’ve been asked by a Realtor if you would you pay a Realtor commission for a tenant they brought to you.

The truth is that it’s your decision whether you want to work with a Realtor and pay his/her commission fees, not theirs. Many property management firms with several furnished properties available for rent will welcome the services of a Realtor to help keep their occupancy maximized. In fact, a Realtor can be worth every penny to a property management company with multiple properties available for rent. However, an individual property owner may not need such assistance and may not be willing to pay such fees.

Regardless if you have one or 20 properties to rent out, it’s important to have an upfront discussion with a Realtor who wishes to help you find renters. You may find a Realtor extremely helpful in placing clients in your property and you’ll be more than happy to compensate him/her for the assistance. Plus, you can easily build in Realtor fees into your rental rate.

Have you worked with a Realtor before? Were you happy to pay their commission fees?

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