Fives Ways to Avoid Mishandling Your Rental Inquiries!

Avoid mishandling rental inquiries

Have you ever had the perfect tenant slip right through your fingers? If you could have just done one thing differently, you might have had the best tenant of your life – right? Maybe you missed out on that perfect tenant because you mishandled the situation.

This topic makes me think of one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman. When Julia Roberts attempts to shop at a high-end store on Rodeo Drive, she is snubbed by a snobby saleswoman who judges her as soon as she sees her. Later, Roberts goes back with all her new purchases in-hand to tell those self-loathing saleswomen, who work on commission, that they made a “big, huge mistake!”

If you’ve had the perfect tenant slip through your fingers and never want to have it happen again, take these FIVE tips to heart:

1. Don’t Judge an Inquiry Without Talking to the Prospective Tenant:  Perhaps you think the person won’t have enough money to afford your corporate property – that doesn’t mean you should write them off immediately. Instead, have an initial call with them, help them understand how you came to your rate and see if they are willing to come up. Most of the time they are, because if you’ve priced your property competitively, they’ll have no where else to turn for a bargain.

2. Respond to Inquiries Immediately:  Reply to any emails, text messages or phone calls as soon as possible. It’s likely that person is contacting several property owners at once, and almost always the early bird gets the worm. Set up text message alerts to be notified immediately of inquiries made to your CHBO-listed property.

3. Be Prepared: A great way to respond immediately to inquiries is to set up a special mailbox where inquiries to your property go – and then have an auto email sent to them immediately upon receiving their email. You can use email tools like iContact or MailChimp to set up auto emails. In your auto email, perhaps you can send a short thank you and then request additional information you need that will enable to you to get back to them more quickly?

4. Use that Phone:  In our email and text world, we often forget that picking up the phone can be the unique and differentiating thing to do. Take a few mintues to call the person inquiring about your property. Your friendly voice might help you seal the deal for that must-have tenant!

5. Be Professional:  Being professional can come on various levels. It’s the way you talk or email with prospective tenants or it can come by sharing with a prospect additional photos, a professional brochure you had made, etc. Remember, you’re likely dealing with business travelers, HR executives, and other professionals, so you’ll want to treat this interaction like you would any professional encounter or relationship. Keep things cordial, smile when you talk with them, and avoid too much personal chit-chat that might cross the line of professionalism.

What other ways can corporate housing landlords ensure they don’t miss out or mishandle future deals?

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