Attention Sports Fans Searching for Short-Term Housing!

If you’re a sports fans, chances are you’ve traveled across America to see various sporting events. Last week we talked about short-term housing available in New Orleans for this year’s Super Bowl, but there are many more sporting events where you might need corporate housing.

For example, if you’re traveling to Florida or Arizona for Spring Training this year, you and your friends might consider staying in a short-term rental property vs. a stodgy hotel. Or maybe you’re going to NBA All-Star Week (Feb. 14-18) and need a place to crash in Houston; corporate housing might just be your best solution!

Why stay in a corporate rental?

For one, you’ll have the run of a home – including several bedrooms (so you can all stay together vs. in separate hotel rooms). This will make your trip more fun and memorable and allow you and your buddies to bond.

Also, corporate rentals offer full-sized kitchens so you can prepare meals at home and save money (plus eat a little healthier too). You’ll also get to enjoy a central family room with TV (so you can catch up with sports analysis at night!).

To help you find the short-term rental properties you need, visit the following links:

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NBA All-Star Week: Short-term rentals in Houston

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Marketing Tip! If you have a corporate rental near a spring training facility, pump up your listing with keywords so you attract short-term visitors!


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