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Katy Perry's Los Angeles Home For Sale

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Published Date: 2013-04-11
Katy Perry home for sale

[caption id="attachment_2522" align="aligncenter" width="459"]Katy Perry home for sale A beautiful room inside Katy Perry's 8,800 square foot Los Angeles home. The home, which she bought with ex-husband Russell Brand, is now for sale.[/caption] Katy Perry's LA home is officially on the market for $6.95 million - wow!  See the listing here. Perry purchased the property with her ex-husband, Russell Brand, but apparently the couple never moved in and neither have lived in the home. Figuring out what to do with the family home post-divorce is never easy. Oftentimes, neither the husband nor wife can afford the home on their own, leading them to quickly rid of the property. However, if market conditions aren't ripe for selling in your neighborhood, or you have trouble finding a seller, a couple could always rent out the home as a corporate housing rental on In Perry's case, she could always find a Hollywood executive in need of short-term housing in Los Angeles. According to the CHBO Annual Report, 11% of corporate housing landlords say they rented out their property to someone in the entertainment industry. Entertainers, such as traveling theatre companies, movie production crews, etc., are common connoisseurs of short-term housing.

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