Corporate Property Marketing & Rental Success = Relationship Building

TIP: CHBO property owners if your property needs to get rented send a marketing email to all past email housing requests. Login to your MYCHBO account to review old email leads.

TIP: Corporate Property Marketing Email – from the Property Details Page of any CHBO property listing email yourself the corporate property and then forward that email to potential renters. It is the read even lope icon at the top of the page. You can also share the property via the social media icons.

Remember the good old days when you had a property to get rented, you paid for an ad in the newspaper and all potential rents knew to go to the same place to find all their choices 🙂 We think the internet is making our lives easier, but sometimes really it is just making our lives more confusing. There are thousands of place to market rental properties on the internet and property owners and tenants are having a hard time connecting.

So, what can you as a property owner, do to get over this pain of trying to find the next tenant in all the thousands of places possible on the internet? Relationships! The great thing about Corporate Housing is that users/renters are normally consistent users/renters and not just individuals who need to rent one property once a decade.

Think about it, the Project Manager that needs a furnished apartment in Portland this month could just as easily need a corporate condominium in Tampa next month.  The Human Resource Director that needs a place for a new hire this week could also have a new hire next week or next month.  The company with the Summer Internship program this year will also have the same program next year.

The importance of NOT thinking of property rentals as “one off” transactions and instead developing relationships with each housing inquiry is an ESSENTIAL ELELEMENT for SUCCESS in your property rental. This element of “Relationship Building” is why CHBO promotes listing your property annually in the CHBO system vs just when you need a tenant.

Tasks:  Keep track of all your email leads and general housing requests. When your property comes available send a quick email to these guys just in case they have a secondary need.  This can easily be done through a program like Mail Chimp. Keep track of local businesses that contact you and develop a list of potential repeat clients and even take the time to send a Holiday Card or something fun to these contacts.  One CHBO property owner sent me a Thank You card that she had made with her property featured on the front of the card.  You can use an easy site like


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