Real Estate Agents Have the Happiest Job!

real estate agents ranked happiest professionAccording to CareerBliss, real estate agents are a happy breed. That’s because CareerBliss ranked real estate agents as the No. 1 happiest profession in the U.S.

The list of happiest professions was based on a survey of more than 65,000 professionals nationwide last year, who rated several happiness factors in their professions, such as company culture, compensation, daily tasks, growth opportunities, and relationships with bosses and co-workers.

Why the sudden happy dance? Likely rising home prices and a profession suddenly in demand is creating the stir.

Here is the official top 10 “happiest” professionals of the year:

  1. Real Estate Agent.
  2. Senior Quality Assurance Engineer.
  3. Senior Sales Representative.
  4. Construction Superintendent.
  5. Senior Application Developer.
  6. Logistics Manager.
  7. Construction Manager.
  8. Executive Administrative Assistant.
  9. Network Engineer.
  10. Assistant Controller.

And let us not forget those unhappy folks. Here is the list the top 10 most “unhappiest” careers/jobs:

  1. Associate attorney.
  2. Customer service associate.
  3. Clerk.
  4. Registered nurse.
  5. Teacher.
  6. Marketing coordinator.
  7. Legal assistant.
  8. Pharmacy technician.
  9. Technical support specialist.
  10. Case manager.

Interesting… read more about the survey.



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