New Corporate Relocation Trend – Medical Marijuana

I live in Colorado where first we made Medical Marijuana legal and now Marijuana in general is becoming legal. They are still trying to figure out all the details like what is the definition of “driving while too high.” For myself and the average observer the issue of medical marijuana is just an interesting news cycle but for others it is a life changing or life affirming requirement.New Corporate Relocation Trend - Medical Marijuana

Have you seen this headline? “Sick Family Needs to Relocate to a Medical Marijuana State.” Each year in the CHBO Annual Report we ask about WHY renters stay in corporate housing and last year 15% of respondents say they had tenants as the result of Medical Treatment  but this topic of Medical Marijuana never occurred to me.

Last week “The Weed Blog” was talking about the need to relocate for Medical Marijuana…We’ve decided that it is best that we move to a Western state with a medical marijuana program. We know that this move will not turn our lives around overnight but moving to a state that is cannabis friendly will offer us access to grades and varieties of cannabis to treat our medical conditions. More importantly, relocating gives us a chance at a fresh start that will allow us to begin rebuilding our lives, while at the same time I can explore the employment potentials that the burgeoning cannabis markets provide potentially avoiding the limitations SSDI and SSI place upon individuals.

Do you have any unusual reasons people need corporate housing?

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