Oops I Sold my corporate house, Now What?

It is official, the era of the “Accidental Landlord,” is DEAD!

There have been a lot of signs we were moving in that direction, but until today I wasn’t ready to declare the Accidental Landlord Era over. Now I am sure 🙂 Last fall my Mother-in-law moved into our corporate house for a month because oops she sold her townhouse. She was excited about moving into a new senior housing development and worried it might take a while for her townhouse to sell, she listed the corporate property for sale a few months prior to the construction on the new property being complete. Guess What? Her townhouse sold in 72 hours. She stayed with a friend for a month, she stayed with us for a month and she also stayed in a corporate housing condominium for a month before the new property was ready to move in. Don’t worry, she loves the new property!

Last week the NBC Today Show ran an article about a California woman who had been out-bid on numerous homes in the past few months and finally paid $100,000 over the asking price to get the home she finally purchased. On October 18th, 2009 NBC Today Show featured Corporate Housing by Owner as a place to market your real estate as a corporate housing rental. Today you can use CHBO as a solution when you are homeless because you accidentally sold your home.

What really closed the deal for me, in deciding to end the ERA of the Accidental Landlord, is that in the last two days I have heard of 3 friends who have sold their properties in less than 24 hours. Welcome, you are all now corporate housing renters as you transition into the next phase of your life. Really corporate housing is the perfect answers anytime life throws you a curve ball and you just need a place to call home. You can learn more about being a tenant at “Renter FAQs” on CHBO.

Do you have an “Oops I sold” story to share?  Let us know your real estate sales story…

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