Real Estate Trend: Divorce & Equity!

I loved this headline in the Orlando Sentinel: “Till equity do us part”

I guess the new real estate trend is to stay married when you can’t afford to get divorced and as soon as there is enough equity in your real estate then that it is time to get a divorce.


Pre-recession unhappy couples got divorced and then fought over the kids. Then the trend during the recession was to stay married because divorce just increased their mountain of debt. According to the article, “Local lawyers and real estate agents say what’s happening is obvious: After years of slumping business, things have picked up now that home values have improved.”

Don’t worry about the demand for Corporate Housing, I have personally helped hundreds of divorcees find their temporary home away from home as they have worked to figure out their new lives apart from their marriage. In one case I had a would-be bachelor buy his perfect “bachelor pad” furnish it and then he reconciled with his wife. In this case, I helped him find the right tenant to rent out his bachelor pad when he moved back in with his family.

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