Corporate Housing Code of Ethics.

How do you do business? What do you base your ethics on?

The Institute on Global Ethics believes each decision is based on one of three foundations.

  1. What is best for me as an individual.
  2. What is best for my community.
  3. What is best for my world.

For example if you decide to steal money from your employer that may be good for you as an individual but bad for your community.  When dealing with tenants and landlords, moving money around and keeping security deposits, breaking a glass or not reporting damage these are all actions that involve ethics.

The Corporate Housing Providers Association believes that promoting good ethical business practices throughout their membership is good business for all of us connected to the industry. I agree 🙂 Today they updated their “Code of Ethics”.

Code of Ethics

Active Members Corporate Housing Providers Association

Member companies in good standing of the Corporate Housing Providers Association subscribe to the following code of ethics:

  • We provide professional corporate housing products and services in compliance with applicable codes, laws and regulations.
  • We stay informed on issues and trends that impact the corporate housing industry and our clients to better meet these needs, continuously improving and educating our associates.
  • We practice legal, truthful sales, marketing and advertising of our company’s products and services.
  • We do not make false or misleading statements regarding  companies within the corporate housing industry.
  • We fairly disclose the obligations of both our company and the customer, clarifying expectations of all parties involved.
  • We provide our services competently in keeping with best practices, exceptional quality and the highest standards in the corporate housing industry.
  • We fulfill company obligations in an expeditious and equitable manner.
  • We respond to any customer service complaint expeditiously to meet the needs and concerns of our customers.
  • We actively promote the understanding and visibility of the corporate housing industry.
  • We exercise corporate social responsibility, giving back to the communities in which we operate.
  • We treat our customers, associates and business partners fairly and equitably, acting with integrity.
  • We respect our relationships with the communities in which we conduct our business and the companies with whom we partner to fill the needs of our customers.
  • We respect the natural and physical environments in which we do business.

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