Corporate Housing rental income $2.48 Billion

The annual Corporate Housing Industry Report is out for 2013. The entire report with specific Data on 50 US cities and 5 Canadian Cities can be purchased from The Highland Group for $495 2014 Corporate Housing Industry Report.

Overall, the corporate housing industry remains stable. Highlights include:

US corporate housing revenues were $2.48 billion in 2013, down slightly from $2.45 billion.

Per survey respondents, US corporate housing inventory is estimated at over 56,000 rental units, with the Canadian market at approximately 7,600 rental units.

Occupancy in the United States was down slightly to 88.1%, while Canadian providers saw occupancy decline to 81.7%

Relocation continues to be the main reason for client stays in the United States, with project/training the major reason Canadian clients stay in units. Relocation is a close second in Canada.

Average Daily Rate increased approximately $5 in the US to $136.53 and decreased almost $8 in Canada.

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