Homeowners: Insurance Adjusters and Corporate Housing.

Corporate Housing is the solution smart insurance adjusters offer you when water and other damage forces you out of your home.

Welcome to summer – tis the season for water damage! Maybe it is just me, but there seems to be more that our fair share of too much water.

Homeowners: Insurance Adjusters and Corporate Housing
Time to call the insurance adjuster!

One of my neighbors was just washing a pair of baseball pants, turned the sink water on and forgot about it for a few hours. After a month of cleaning and drying the entire family, dog and cat all need to move out for at least 2 weeks while the hardwood floors get done.

Their homeowner’s insurance offered them a month in corporate housing or two weeks in an extended stay. With the dog and the cat and 3 kids a corporate housing rental home would be their best lodging solution. The insurance adjuster gave them a list of property owners who rent out their homes and said they use CHBO everyday to help find the right furnished temporary home solution. The adjuster also mentioned they try and stay away from AirBnB because a lot of times the properties really aren’t designed as rentals and are dirty and too filled with personal items so they prefer to have their displaced homeowners stay in corporate housing rentals that are designed for these types of housing needs.

TIP: Turn your water off when you go on vacation!

Ok, so then another neighbor two weeks later goes on a 10 day cruise. They noticed the washing machine wasn’t working but thought they would fix it when they got back and forgot to turn off the water to the house. 5 days later the housekeeper arrived to find gallons of water pouring out of if the washing machine. Time for cleanup again! We have not heard how long they will need to be out of their house and staying in short term housing.

Lightning Strike!

This morning I was talking with our managed corporate housing company in Fort Collins, Colorado and they just found a perfect corporate housing rental for a displaced homeowner who’s home was struck by lightning. The insurance adjuster in this case is thinking the family will need to be in their furnished corporate housing rental for at least 6 months.


  • Call your insurance company and confirm your policy comes with extended stay lodging coverage should you be unable to live in your home.
  • When leaving for an extended stay turn off your water at the main valve or ask the house sitter to walk the house every other day.
  • Have a great water free summer!

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