News: Mobility and Corporate Housing Trends.

For the last few years since our article “Corporate Housing Myths Debunked” appeared in Mobility Magazine in 2009, Mobility Magazine features an articles on Corporate Housing.

corporate housing key exchange with clients
corporate housing key exchange with clients

This month there were two articles: “More Like Home” and “Online Marketplaces”

Two Trends mentioned:

1) Corporations are combining their business travel and corporate housing functions.

2) Business travelers expect accommodations that suit their lifestyles no matter the length of the assignment.

According to “More Like Home” – “The hybridization of corporate housing and business travel is creating new audiences for relocation firms. Smaller firms and entrepreneurs who traditionally relied on hotel stays may find that relocation firms can help them get better prices and offer help moving in and out.”

“Discriminating travelers and businesses merging their travel and housing functions will continue to create opportunities, relocation professionals agree.”

“As travelers have become more savvy and they travel more, they want more. Today, business travelers accustom to corporate housing trend will go to a city from the onset wanting to be in a space that is larger than a hotel room.”

Learn more about corporate housing trend standards in The Corporate Housing Handbook.

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  1. August Tassin
    July 13, 2014

    The majority or our customers are still private individuals, though we do have corporate customers. Nonetheless, the shifts mentioned are evident. Specifically, the more experienced travelers are savvy about finding corporate housing which meets their expectations in the area they are traveling to. The less experienced travelers race to the hotels and extended stay motels. We recently helped a man who has been working an extended project and has been in a hotel room for several weeks. I travel for work as well and hotels are great for about one week. Beyond that they feel cramped and unsettled. People are more productive when they can feel settled and comfortable with the at-home feel we strive for at


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