City Spotlight: San Francisco Corporate Housing

San Francisco has thousands of corporate housing residential rentals that translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in rent according to the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) Annual Report. CHPA also reports that San Francisco has the 2nd highest corporate rental rates in the country.

San Francisco corporate housing
San Francisco Corporate Housing is a page featuring corporate housing rentals located throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

There is nothing more San Francisco than sitting in the bay window of your classic Victorian home in Pacific Heights looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge.  San Francisco is one of the busiest, most diverse and fun cities in the world for Corporate Housing.  Corporations based in San Francisco are bringing in employees and temporary workers from all over the world resulting in a high-demand for month to month corporate housing rentals.  CHBO is a great resource for corporations and individuals to find those unique residential corporate housing properties. Rental tools are offered to help owners get familiar with the industry standards and requirements to satisfy the high demands and standards of the experienced corporate housing business traveler.

Corporate housing in San Francisco is nothing new and has been around for over 30 years.  New trendy share rental sights that focus on less than 30 day stays are adding extra work for property owners.  Property owners are quickly figuring out that websites like Airbnb and Homeaway can get high daily rental amounts, but that is causing problems.  Properties rented for less than 30 days are required to pay hotel taxes to the city and a lot of leg work cleaning, inspecting and flipping these rentals for each tenant.

CHBO highlights the most extraordinary and diverse style and location short-term rentals on a month to month basis for any executive looking for temporary fully furnished housing in the North Bay, South Bay and East Bay around the San Francisco area.  CHBO also makes it very easy for the Human Resource, Relocation and Travel departments to find corporate housing using the simple CHBO Housing Request Form which when completed goes out to participating property owners who can quickly reply and let these corporate housing coordinators know their property availability.

San Francisco is the 2nd most expensive city to live in the US, according to the SF Gate website most expensive (cost of living) U.S. Cities. So companies finding corporate housing in San Francisco are not only saving their companies a great deal of money on short-term (under 12 month stays) versus expensive hotel costs but are also getting the opportunity to “test drive” or sample some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

Featured San Francisco Property:

San Francisco Furnished RentalThis furnished rental was recently listed on CHBO. The owner Sean and his wife have set up a perfect corporate rental for any professional traveler.

See more details, Mission French Renaissance Flat, 3 Bedroom – Property #11022

Featured CHBO Power Owner: Rent SF Now

Do you have multiple rental properties that need to get rented? Take a look at Rent SF Now to see how they have developed a unique marketing tactic to rent their corporate rentals on CHBO. Rent SF Now runs a market specific banner ad that works simultaneously with their specific 14 locations allowing interested

rentsfnow.comcorporations to click over to their website with just a click which is tracked by CHBO and documented in Google analytics for their reference. This allows Rent SF Now not only to increase their overall traffic but to gain the right type of customer surfing their website. Rent SF Now has been advertising their corporate housing properties all over the city of San Francisco since 2009.


David Chesnoski with Rent SF Now says: “I’ve been working with CHBO for over 6 years now and we absolutely love the CHBO website for booking our properties all over the city.  CHBO continues to bring in quality companies and renters to our properties.”

Really we should all just take a month of from our regular life and enjoy the true charm of everything San Francisco has to offer.

Here is a great article and discussion about, ‘What Does It Really Cost to Live in San Francisco?‘. Leave your thoughts on our Linkedin group.

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