Corporate Housing: Who, What, Where & Why #4

What makes a successful corporate housing provider? What makes a successful Corporate Housing Renter? Where is the corporate housing industry going? Why do people use corporate housing? Who provides corporate housing? Should I pay or charge a security deposit? What about pets? How do I find corporate housing rentals?

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What we learned from last year’s Corporate Housing Survey #4…

Topic: Corporate Housing Property Management Trends

  • Property Management: 72% of respondents say they do all their property management themselves, down from 80% in 2012 and 86% in 2011. Respondents also used property managers (11%) and friends and family (7%) to manage their properties.Property Management Trends
  • Property Management Software: Consistent with last year, the majority of respondents (56%) say they do not use any form of property management software to manage their rental properties. 21% use basic spreadsheets, followed by 17% who use accounting software, such as QuickBooks™.
  • Rental Documents: We asked respondents, where did you get your rental documents (such as leases)? The most (36%) say they found their documents on the Internet, followed closely by 35% who say they wrote their own documents. Only 13% say they paid an attorney to have their documents drafted.
  • Leasing Trends: Many property owners still rely on face-to-face meetings before leasing their properties. 53% say they meet potential renters before leasing their properties (up from 46% in 2012). In 2013, fewer respondents provided tours of their properties to potential renters. 75% of respondents say email is the primary way they communicate with potential renters.

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Kimberly Smith is an accomplished entrepreneur and published author with more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in the areas of real estate, property management, corporate housing, website development and franchising. In 1999 Kimberly and her husband/ business partner, Eric, launched AvenueWest Corporate Housing, Inc., a multi-million dollar success story. AvenueWest provides real estate property management of furnished residential properties offering full service corporate housing services to upscale executive travelers in need of a monthly lodging solution. A recognized leader in the industry, they were awarded CHPA’s 2010 Provider Company of the Year Award and listed for 3 consecutive years on Inc Magazine’s Inc 5000 list of the countries fastest growing businesses. Inspired to help people find corporate housing and real estate solutions on a national basis, Kimberly and Eric came up with a business idea to create a national resource dedicated to connecting furnished rental properties with executive renters. In 2006 (CHBO) was launched, the first-of-its-kind online portal connecting furnished rentals and the traveling public. In 2013 CHBO was recognized by CHPA as the Associate Company of the Year. In 2009 AvenueWest Global Franchise was launched allowing for the national expansion of the AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing product. Current offices are located in Phoenix, Atlanta, Fort Collins, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Denver and Colorado Springs.

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