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Corporate Housing: Who, What, Where & Why #2

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Published Date: 2014-11-23
Real Estate Trends

What makes a successful corporate housing provider? What makes a successful Corporate Housing Renter? Where is the corporate housing industry going? Why do people use corporate housing? Who provides corporate housing? Should I pay or charge a security deposit? What about pets? How do I find a corporate housing rentals?

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What we learned from last year's Corporate Housing Survey #2..

Topic: Outlook and Profitability of Corporate Housing Rentals

  • Outlook for 2014. 36% of respondents predict that 2014 will be betteOutlook and Profitability of corporate housing rentalsr and more profitable than 2013 – similar to responses in 2012. Only 6.3% of respondents believe that 2014 will be less profitable, down from the 10% who had this outlook in 2012.
  • Profitability. 91% of respondents report that their properties were profitable or breakeven in 2013. Overall, this response has been nearly identical over the last three years.
  • Investment Real Estate Trends. For the fourth year in a row, there are more “Yes, I plan on buying more real estate” responses (45%) than “No, I’m done with real estate” responses (15%). The biggest variation in this question has been the steady 11% decrease in the “No, I’m done with real estate” responses since 2010.

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