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Corporate Housing: Who, What, Where & Why #3

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Published Date: 2014-11-27
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So many questions so little time... Here at CHBO we are passionate about people and finding ways of connecting the best possible corporate housing options with the best qualified renters. For over 9 years CHBO has worked to develop a web platform to connect the world of travelers and the world of corporate housing rentals. Now for the 6th year we are conducting our annual survey of the corporate housing real estate industry from which we are able to provide the Annual Corporate Housing Real Estate report on the trends and expectations of our industry.

Your information is essential to assure together we are all more successful - if you own or manage corporate housing rentals please take a minute and complete the 2014 Corporate Housing Survey and get qualified to win an IPad Air!  

What we learned from last year's Corporate Housing Survey #3...

Topic: Corporate Housing Rental Rates

  • Variances: Changes in Rates. 60% of respondents say they ofCorporate housing rental ratesfered the same rental rates in 2013 as they did in 2012. 33% reported they raised their rates in 2013, and only 8% of respondents lowered their rates. The latter is a big improvement compared to two years ago when 16% of people reported lowering their rates.
  • Actual Rental Rates: The largest increase in rental rates was for studio rentals, indicating increased demand. Average rental rates went down for 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 4 bedroom properties, after being up in 2012.
  • Rental Discounts: Consistent with last year, two out of three respondents say they offer discounts for longer-term leases.

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Read the 2013 Annual Report.

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