Top 6 Questions about Temporary Living #3

CHPA, or the Corporate Housing Providers Association is the international trade organization for the multi billion dollar industry of corporate housing or more simply temporary living. Recently CHPA asked several corporate housing providers to clarify common questions of corporate housing guests. We thought this was great information for both corporate housing providers and tenants to know. The following excerpts have been approved for re-print by CHPA.

Question 3: Temporary Living

Why can’t we get a volume discount for larger temporary living groups such as a summer intern group?

Corporate housing costs for expenses such as rent and utilities are fixed costs. They do not change regardless of the number of units a provider manages at a property. In addition, market forces can make offering discounts difficult, especially in summer months.

“Apartment rents are higher during the busy summer months. Availability is also at a premium due to higher demand,” explains Guy Cook, COO of SuiteAmerica. “Both of those forces pre-empt flexibility on price, even for large groups.”

Most corporate housing providers agree that given the length of stay and number of accommodations needed, some flexibility may apply. Proper planning and advanced notice can help inform your housing provider so they can review available apartments to offer a creative solution that could save you money.

“Most companies would like to see their interns have housing at one location,” says Pam Wade, CCHP, Vice President of Gables Corporate Accommodations and CHPA Chairman of the Board. “Strategically, it makes more sense to work with a provider that has inventory in the market the company needs and place the company associates at several locations.”

CHBO's FAQ page

If you have more questions about temporary living and corporate housing you can always visit CHBO’s FAQ Page

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