Top 6 Questions about Temporary Living #4

CHPA, or the Corporate Housing Providers Association is the international trade organization for the multi billion dollar industry of corporate housing or more simply temporary living. Recently CHPA asked several corporate housing providers to clarify common questions of corporate housing guests. We thought this was great information for both corporate housing providers and tenants to know. The following excerpts have been approved for re-print by CHPA.

Question 4: Temporary Living

I need a place for a short stay for 30 or 60 days, why should I rent from a corporate housing provider instead of an online host, such as an AirBnB place?  They seem cheaper and more hip.

With all the variables that come with relocating, it is often tempting for individuals to use an online marketplace to manage the housing portion of their relocation. As this is how most people are comfortable finding hotel accommodations, using this approach to finding longer-term housing seems like a logical next step. Individual searches for acceptable lodging can be risky and daunting; however using a corporate housing provider can reduce the stress and liability of trusting strangers.

Corporate housing providers have a great deal of experience in providing everything a relocating individual or family needs.  These professionally managed companies have a vested interest in making sure guests have a positive experience as their company’s reputation is at stake. “With a Code of Ethics, best practices training and a network of partners to provide a guest with what they need,” says Samantha Elliott, CCHP, CRP, President of Preferred Corporate Housing, partnering with a professional corporate housing provider alleviates risk. Online marketplaces come with more risk.

Security is certainly one of the major concerns for someone new to the area. This includes security of the property as it relates to the location as well as the safety and condition of the property itself. Apartments are zoned for the correct type of occupancy as well as abide by fire and safety codes. When using a personal residence found through an online marketplace, there is no guarantee the accommodation will be safe and secure.

“Renting a small room in someone’s house or apartment might be fun for a few days,” says Piper Ayala, CCHP, Vice President of ExecuStay Midwest. “But for extended stays, the comfort, convenience and spaciousness of a corporate apartment is a much better fit for corporate travelers.”

As online marketplaces do not monitor or regulate safety compliance for listings, it is the responsibility of the end user to properly assess the safety and condition of listings. This can be very difficult and time-consuming for guests. There are very few resources available that provide background information or inspection history for listing owners and their properties.

With all the variables that come with relocating, finding knowledgeable expertise to ensure a smooth transition is critical to avoiding an expensive ‘bad’ decision.  The majority of individual postings on web aggregator sites do not have experienced mobility professionals to help relocate individuals and families globally. Look for professionals that hold designations from various organizations, including ERC certifications, that reflect their dedication and knowledge in the industry.

Just as relying on online marketplaces can be risky, so can expecting to use extended stay hotels for short-term stays. While there may be some availability, they may not be able to accommodate a guest for the duration of their stay.


“When comparing corporate housing to hotels, keep in mind that hotels may not be able to offer 30 or 60 consecutive days,” explains Wade. “If there are other events going on in a market (sporting events, conventions, etc.), there may already be weeks or weekends booked months in advance.”

If you have more questions about temporary living and corporate housing you can always visit CHBO’s FAQ Page

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  1. Jalu Sakti
    November 10, 2016

    I agree with what you talked about with why it’s better to just rent a place of your own if you are staying somewhere for longer than a day or two. You really need a place to stretch out and breathe when you will be staying there for more than a few days, so look into what options there are for short-term apartments. You never know, there could be a great option available for you, and you don’t even know it, yet. My brother is looking into getting an apartment for his short term stay in New York City, next month. Hopefully, he’ll find one that is cozy and fits his needs for a good price.

  2. Durandana Boutot
    November 26, 2014

    Kimberly Smith – Thank you for having written this article. I remember a few years ago my husband and I were looking to sale our house after moving to a new one, and as the market for home buying was so poor we ended up renting the home. Thanks for sharing your advice and information throughout your article! Have a nice day! Durandana |


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