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Corporate Housing: Who, What, Where & Why #7

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Published Date: 2014-12-11
Rental Dogs

So many questions so little time... Here at CHBO we are passionate about people and finding ways of connecting the best possible corporate housing options with the best qualified renters. For over 9 years CHBO has worked to develop a web platform to connect the world of travelers and the world of corporate housing rentals. Now for the 6th year we are conducting our annual survey of the corporate housing real estate industry from which we are able to provide the Annual Corporate Housing Real Estate report on the trends and expectations of our industry.

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What we learned from last year's Corporate Housing Survey #7...

Topic: Corporate Housing Rentals and Pets.

  • Pet Trends and Pet Fees. Many renters Corporate rentals and petscontinue to travel with pets. 43% of survey respondents say they accept pets (down from 48% in 2012). Of those who accept pets, 67% say they take pets because it gets their properties rented. The most common rental period for renters with pets is one to three months. In 2013, the average, non-refundable, one-time pet fee that property owners charged was $204 (down from $253 in 2012). The average pet refundable deposit was $343 – consistent with 2012 results.

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Read the 2013 Annual Report.

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