City Spotlight: San Diego Corporate Housing

SoCal is an amazing place – warm sun, proximity to the beach and the Mediterranean climate all combine to create an incredible experience. While the city’s one of the most frequent destinations for leisure travelers, business travelers will also find plenty of San Diego corporate housing options, as one might imagine of the eighth largest city in the US. Of course, that doesn’t make finding the right property simple. It actually complicates matters. Having too many options is just as problematic as having too few. CHBO can help. CorporateHousingByOwner has been featuring amazing San Diego corporate apartments and housing options for years now, and provides both owners and potential renters with powerful tools and capabilities.

San Diego’s Burgeoning Industries

San Diego is old – it’s the birthplace of the state, actually. As such, it is home to an incredible range of industries. Tourism is certainly one of those – SeaWorld, the San Diego Pier and numerous other attractions bring in tourists from around the world. However, it also houses a significant biotech presence, as well as the healthcare and education industries, and the US Navy. San Diego corporate housing is available to suit businesses travelers in all these areas and more, and they can be easily located (or listed) through the CHBO interface.

Why Short-Term Isn’t Short-Term

The San Diego corporate housing scene has been complicated by the rise of websites like AirBNB and HomeAway. These sites give property owners the means to put their homes in front of thousands of potential renters. The problem here is that these stays are of very short duration, meaning that property owners are at risk of being treated like landlords and hotel owners. In fact, at least one city in California has already passed legislation treating them as such (which means fines, fees and headaches for owners and complications for renters). CHBO doesn’t work in this sector – all listings are for 30 days or longer, which means that property owners aren’t treated like hoteliers or landlords. Not only does that give benefits to owners, but it ensures that renters are able to save while gaining access to San Diego corporate apartments and other properties at lower rates.

Featured San Diego Corporate Rental:

Located in the heart of San Diego, this condo offers amazing living and views that truly seem to go on forever. At just $3,000 per month, it’s one of the most affordable San Diego Corporate housing options on the market. You can also get more details.

Cason rented this condo in August 2014 and left a glowing review:

I so enjoyed this condo that I ended up staying much longer than planned. I loved having the San Diego views greet me every day through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the beautiful sunsets neverSan Diego Corporate Rentalsgot old. The location is an easy walk to the Gaslamp, a short drive to Balboa Park and has very easy access to freeways. I found the condo to be well-appointed and tastefully decorated, with a well-stocked kitchen, and Laura was very responsive when I had questions during my stay.

San Diego Corporate Rental Providers

San Diego Corporate Rental has listed a number of San Diego corporate apartments and other properties located throughout the city and surrounding area with CHBO. Operating since 2006, the organization caters to business travelers as well as local property owners seeking the means to earn more income from their properties.

American Marketing Systems Inc., (AMSI) is a full-service real estate brokerage (rentals, property management, real estate sales and relocation), headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in San Francisco, Marin and San Diego. Founded by Robb Fleischer and Zoya Lee Smithton in 1970. View their corporate apartments.

Testimonial – One of CHBO’s satisfied members said:

Thank you for the personal email and the suggestions. I have been completely satisfied with CHBO and your personal feedback is one of the reasons. I have frequent inquires about the property and I actually was thinking about not re-listing until my current tenants are ready to move out, because I feel badly turning all the people down. I receive calls even when the calendar shows the space it booked. The current tenants are staying for a while and I have another woman interested in renting if they move out by spring, so right now I don’t really want to attract more attention to the property; that just means more phone calls for me to turn people away because it is not available.

Many thanks,

To Growth and Prosperity

San Diego corporate apartments offer business travelers and others the means to call this amazing city home. From the Gaslamp quarter to SeaWorld, fine dining to local eateries, and access to businesses in virtually every industry imaginable, it’s an incredible place.

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