Top 6 Questions about Temporary Living #5

CHPA, or the Corporate Housing Providers Association is the international trade organization for the multi billion dollar industry of corporate housing or more simply temporary living. Recently CHPA asked several corporate housing providers to clarify common questions of corporate housing guests. We thought this was great information for both corporate housing providers and tenants to know. The following excerpts have been approved for re-print by CHPA.

Question 5 about Temporary Living

Typically, the minimum length of stay in corporate housing is often 30 days, based on local and/or legal restrictions.  When and why is a shorter length of stay acceptable? What is the maximum length of stay?

Corporate housing is governed at the local level. Many times, local regulations prohibit stays of less than 30 days. Shorter term stays for less than 30 days may be available where it is legal. Your professional corporate housing provider can advise on this issue on a per market basis. Conversely, guests can frequently stay in corporate housing indefinitely depending on availability, allowing for flexibility for extended assignments.

“We consistently monitor and stay informed on the local laws and legal restrictions as it relates to the minimum stays in our markets,” says Billy Cochran, Director of Operations for TP Corporate Lodging. “While there are frequently minimum stay requirements, guest can often stay in their accommodation as long as it is available and frequently can extend their stays.”CHBO Help and FAQs

If you have more questions about temporary living and corporate housing you can always visit CHBO’s FAQ Page

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