Top 6 Questions about Temporary Living #6

CHPA, or the Corporate Housing Providers Association is the international trade organization for the multi billion dollar industry of corporate housing or more simply temporary living. Recently CHPA asked several corporate housing providers to clarify common questions of corporate housing guests. We thought this was great information for both corporate housing providers and tenants to know. The following excerpts have been approved for re-print by CHPA.

Question 6: Temporary Living

Why do I need to give a 30 day notice to depart a temporary apartment? A hotel does not require this.

A notable difference between hotels and corporate housing is the notice to depart. While hotels typically don’t require any type of notice that a guest is leaving, corporate housing typically requires 30 days’ notice. Corporate housing companies manage their inventory by controlling their vacant apartments. Keeping vacancy low allows them to offer competitive rates, keeping the rates reasonable for guests.

“An extended stay hotel allows guests to depart without notice; however, they would charge significantly more per day for a comparably sized apartment alternative,” says James. “Corporate housing providers ask for a 30 day notice so they have time to re-rent the apartment and avoid a vacancy.”

With more housing options today than ever before, the answers to these questions are CHBO FAQ's page critical to a successful temporary stay. Understanding the reality of today’s marketplace will help set expectations and ensure a smooth transition by alleviating stress. One way to do this is to partner with a qualified corporate housing provider for all of your needs. For more information on the corporate housing industry and providers in this lodging sector, please visit:

If you have more questions about temporary living and corporate housing you can always visit CHBO’s FAQ Page

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