City Spotlight: Houston Corporate Housing

In a city the size of Houston, Texas, it’s a simple matter to locate corporate housing options and luxury apartments. There are literally thousands of options available. It’s the largest city in Texas, and that means “big”. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas, right? With 2.19 million people living within its boundaries, Houston’s actually one of the largest cities in the entire country (the fourth most populous in the US).

Houston Corporate Housing features some of the most appealing luxury apartments and other corporate housing rentals in and around Houston.

Houston is a hub for virtually every industry on the planet. It’s one of the busiest port cities on earth, and it’s also a center for technology, aeronautics, space exploration, healthcare, transportation and energy production to name just a few. Corporations in the Houston area are bringing in more and more employees, as well as hiring temporary workers. In addition to corporations and big businesses, entrepreneurs and small businesses are also gravitating to the city like never before thanks to Texas’ booming economy and business-friendly policies. Each of these individuals requires a place to live during their stay – that’s where Houston corporate housing comes in.

At CHBO, we specialize in helping connect businesses and travelers with property owners. Our rental tools help owners learn about the corporate housing industry, the growing demand, and the problems inherent with short-term rentals (under 30 days), which can leave them paying excessively high hotel taxes (just look at the situation in New York and San Francisco to see the devastating effect companies like AirBNB have had on the industry).

CHBO highlights unique, diverse and high-quality temporary housing options throughout Houston and the surrounding area. From executives to small businesses, finding corporate housing has never been simpler. Whether you’re looking for a basic option or prefer to peruse luxury apartments, CHBO connects you with the ideal owners.

There are numerous reasons why companies choose corporate housing in Houston, but one of the most common is for monetary savings. Given the high cost of living in the city and the ability to obtain luxury apartments and other forms of corporate housing through CHBO at a fraction of the cost involved with other extended stay rental options, it’s no wonder that so many business owners and decision makers choose this solution.

Featured CHBO Power Owner: Nino Properties

Founded in 1984, Nino Properties has remained true to their purpose – providing a true home for those seeking corporate housing in Houston and the surrounding area. From apartment leasing to residential real estate and even nationwide temporary executive housing, Nino Properties delivers. Nino Properties

Current listings for Nino Properties range from a luxury condo in Midtown to the Amalfi at Hermann Park, the Lofts on Post Oak, Egret Bay, Sterling Green Condominiums, a one-bedroom in the Galleria area and much more.

Nino Properties also specializes in ensuring that property owners are able to find the perfect tenants, with short-term leasing from month to month, and even multi-month agreements.

Featured Houston Property:

This gorgeous one-bedroom, one-bath property is available for just $2200 per month, with a $1500 security deposit. It’s located in Houston’s Central Galleria with shopping, dining and nightlife options jusFeatured Houston property t steps away.

It also has access to a resort-style pool, fitness center and a clubhouse and business center. Learn More.

Featured Houston Property:

This incredible home offers four bedrooms and two baths. It’s completely furnished, from cookware to bed linens, too. And at just $2350 per month (3 month Houston Corporate Housingminimum), it’s a steal. The yard boasts four mature oak trees, and there’s even a 64-inch TV in the living room, as well as a covered patio with a grill in the back yard. Learn More.


“I am a CHBO member and thanks to your website, both of our properties here in Houston are rented. I need to know what is generally accepted as a percentage increase in rent. We have kept our rental amounts per month stable because our tenants have renewed their leases. It is time to increase since it has been over 2 years. What is a fair and industry standard rental increase by percentage. Thanks, Lucy Caire” – Property Owner, Houston, Texas

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