Your Listing Description SUCKS.

Without renters, your property sits empty. Not only does that mean you’re not making any money off it, but it means that property is actually costing you. You’ve got a mortgage payment to make, insurance, utilities, and the list goes on. An untenanted property is a serious drain on your finances, and you might actually be sabotaging your results with a lackluster listing description. You’ve got one chance to grab the attention of those interested in short-term apartments – the description. If it sucks, then so will your results. Not sure how to breathe some new life into that description? Let us shed some light on the situation.

What to DescribeWriting listing Description

If there’s one thing that plagues the majority of property owners when listing short-term apartments, it’s the failure to describe the property adequately. Sure, you’ve got the high points covered, but that’s not enough, not by half. Here’s what you need to do.


When you list furnished apartments, you certainly need to describe the interior. Go beyond the basics here. If you’re limiting yourself to “3 bedrooms, 2 baths and full kitchen”, you’re not going to get any traction. Give those rooms some character – bring them to life in your readers’ minds. Supplement your text with evocative professional quality photos of the rooms, too.

Go beyond simply describing the layout and dimensions, though. List the upgrades and amenities you’ve included in the property. Do you have a big-screen HD TV? Say so. Do you offer a gaming console like a PlayStation or the Xbox One? List it. Have you invested in high-end kitchen appliances and upgrades? Let them know about them.


Don’t limit your description to the interior. Those renting short-term apartments aren’t hotel guests that may or may not see anything more than the check-in desk and the inside of their room. They’re on property for a length of time, and they’ll care about what’s beyond their door. List any amenities of the property, from swimming pools to fitness centers. Also note whether these are included in the rent, or if they require an additional fee.


If you think the interior of your property is the only hook you’ve got to snag the attention of would-be renters, think again. The neighborhood in which your property is located is just as important. Is it walkable? Are there shopping and dining options nearby? Is it located close to major transportation areas? Is it in a historic district? Tell them about it.

What’s Nearby?

While you’re describing the neighborhood, tell your potential renters about what’s nearby. Don’t just say, “close to 5 restaurants” or “dry cleaner on corner”. Give them some meat to sink their teeth into. “The gastropub on the corner serves up gourmet burgers and some of the best craft beer in the city,” is a good start.

Write for Renters and Search Engines

Who’s reading your property description? Sure, those interested in short-term apartments are your primary audience, but you’ve got another one – search engines. Online content is indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines. You need to make the most of this opportunity to show up in organic search results. Pepper your description with the right keywords. Not sure what keywords your potential renters might be using? Most of them are probably common sense things like, “short-term apartments in CITY”. However, there are plenty of keyword research tools out there, including Google’s (although you’ll have to be signed up for AdWords to use it). These can give you a very good idea of what your potential renters are using to search the World Wide Web, and how popular specific words and phrases are with your audience.

Name Drop

When you list furnished apartments, don’t be afraid to name drop. Tell your audience that you’re close to the International World of Beer Museum, or the Baseball Hall of Fame. Let them know that The Met is just a couple of blocks away. It goes beyond major attractions, though. You should include the names of schools (school district) in the area, public transportation systems nearby, major companies with headquarters in the immediate area – anything that might attract potential travelers is essential fodder for your description.

Creating an evocative, effective description of your property is the single best way to attract the attention of those seeking short-term apartments in your area. It’s your one chance to stand out from the competition and really get your property noticed. Of course, you can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all with text. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” remains as true today as ever, and you must combine your text with professional quality photos of the property, and possibly even the outside areas. With the right description, you’re one step closer to keeping that property tenanted and generating income.

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