City Spotlight: Fort Lauderdale, FL Furnished Housing

With award-winning beaches, a great economy, and lots to offer residents of all ages, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most beautiful places to live or visit in all of Florida. Those looking for Fort Lauderdale corporate housing can enjoy more than just a day at the beach when they visit this sunny city, though.Fort Lauderdale corporate rentals

If you’re traveling with kids or you’re a big fan of science yourself, you won’t want to miss the Museum of Science and Discovery. Those who want to get outside and see some nature for themselves will want to take a Florida everglades airboat tour, where you’ll be sure to see some alligators up close (but at a safe distance, of course).

Nestled in the middle of it all, you’ll find Villa Tunis in Victoria Park. This residential neighborhood so close to downtown Fort Lauderdale is upscale, quiet, and gorgeous, and Villa Tunis is itself is made up of five of the most gorgeous Fort Lauderdale corporate rentals in the area.

Located right on the beach, Villa Tunis is also half a block from Holiday Park, which is a beautiful location for taking a leisurely stroll or heading out for a run to get your heart pumping while you breathe in the soothing sea air. Plus, as you leave Villa Tunis, you won’t be able to help but notice the incredibly stylish mansions lining the tree-shaded streets. And you’ll be only walking distance from a beautiful canal where you can enjoy seeing all kinds of wildlife, including parrots, peacocks, ducks, and more.

Living in Victoria Park also means feeling safe at all hours of the day or night, as friendly police officers patrol the area on horseback. They’re always ready with a smile to help with directions, local information, or just to take a picture of you that you can post on social media later.

Luxury Corporate Housing in Fort Lauderdale

Interested in seeing all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer while staying in a luxurious Fort Lauderdale corporate housing? Check out one of these incredible Fort Lauderdale corporate rentals owned by one of our quality property owners. His properties are flawless, and guests love their wonderful location. Whether you’re looking for a one-, two-, or three-bedroom rental, you’ll find spacious and luxurious accommodations here. Book your stay in Fort Lauderdale at one of these gorgeous rentals today!

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  1. Charles Kemp
    August 2, 2016

    I like the idea of having a fully furnished place to stay. What that means is that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a bed or anything for the apartment. I would really like to make sure to get something like this because then I won’t have to worry about taking the furniture with me when I move.

  2. Ft. Lauderdale is a beautiful city and an amazing place to work. the corporate housing there is excellent


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