City Spotlight Furnished Apartments in El Paso, TX!

Sitting alongside the Rio Grande is the “sun city” of El Paso, TX. Rated as the safest large city throughout the United States, it is the 20th in size ahead of both Atlanta and Boston. Part of a broader metropolitan area, it is a thriving place with major businesses, industries, culture and sports.El Paso TexasCome to the Fortune 500 firm Western Refining, as well as Helen of Troy Limited, it is also a city in which leading firms like AT & T, Boeing, Verizon and Prudential also maintain major offices. In fact, 70 of the Fortune 500 firms have a presence in El Paso. It is a city with a huge number of military personal too, and it is why furnished apartments in El Paso are always in demand.

Furnished housing in El Paso is essential to the 8,000-plus military personnel, DEA offices and other federal agencies that bring temporary staff, but the many quality furnished apartments in El Paso are also needed by the civilian firms that number in the hundreds as well. Of course, there are also major educational outlets throughout this city and from the University of Texas to Tenet Healthcare and University Medical Center, there is a constant need for long-term housing.

There are several defined neighborhoods in the city, with the downtown and central El Paso districts featuring the oldest areas rather than the more modern high rise districts. Historic sites are found here, and yet it is also close to places like Fort Bliss and the landmarks of the Sunset Heights area. Northwest El Paso is an open place of affluent homes and country clubs, West Central is home to the universities and some historic districts, while the northeast is a popular spot with military personnel. The eastern area of the city is currently a high growth place with nice views and a lot of residential properties.

And throughout, there are plenty of furnished apartments in El Paso for those who need to find reliable, appealing and convenient housing. Whether you are a military family about to be relocated here or someone who is simply exploring your options, furnished housing in El Paso is a smart foundation. Corporate clients of furnished apartments in El Paso also have great options as they can choose from the many neighborhoods, allowing themselves simple commutes and access to great restaurants, shopping, and activities. Whether you want something downtown or in the more natural areas of the region, El Paso housing has it all.

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