Why Are Furnished Apartments Preferred Over Hotels?

Anyone who often finds themselves in need of corporate rentals is far more likely to find what they need in a furnished apartment. Rather than booking a classic hotel room, taking a furnished apartment will ensure many different needs are met. Let’s consider just a few of them:

Much More Room

While you may not feel you need a lot of space for a lengthy business trip or long-term project, there is a difference between space and “room”. After all, it can get quite tedious to eat, sleep and relax all in one big space. A hotel room is generally going to have that studio-type layout, and business travelers find themselves feeling a sense of “cabin fever” because there is not much room.

Luxury Home

A furnished apartment, on the other hand, has a kitchen, living room, and at least a single bedroom – sometimes more. While corporate rentals average around 190 square feet, your typical apartment is well over 500 square feet.

Accommodate More

In addition to being roomier and having a much more livable array of rooms, your standard furnished apartment beats out most corporate rentals because it can accommodate more people. With two bedrooms or more, apartments are able to accommodate a group of travelers.

This can mean that a team of workers can stay together or that a business traveler might be able to bring the family for an extended project or stay. This saves money for all involved, plus it helps with issues like morale and team-building.

Boosts Privacy

Another issue with corporate rentals is privacy. As just noted above, many business travelers find they must travel with several colleagues. Sharing a single hotel room means living in that one space, no time to yourself and no privacy. Most apartment rentals give each person their own bedroom, and some even feature small ensuite baths for each bedroom.

Sharing an accommodation can save the company or the business traveler a lot of money, but that loss of privacy and sharing cramped quarters can take a toll on the people involved. Rather than jeopardize anyone’s performance, the apartment rental is a much wiser option.Relaxing in CHBO's corporate rental

Finally, one way that corporate rentals such as furnished apartments are more appealing than hotels is that they give a home-like setting. Rather than going back to a space where there is little to do apart from watching TV after grabbing a meal, those in furnished apartments can make a home-cooked and healthy meal, enjoy time relaxing and feel far more at home than in any hotel.

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