Why You Should Consider Walk Score Before Selecting a Temporary Apartment

If you are shopping around between different corporate apartments for an upcoming business trip or extended stay, it is likely that you are looking at different factors. You are probably considering the number of bedrooms, the kinds of services and amenities within the temporary apartment and its surrounding buildings, and even at issues like the distance from your office or destination. Did you also look at the “Walkability” of the different corporate apartments under consideration?

Wallkscore in Corporate housing

What Is Walkability?

The simplest definition of walkability is basically how “friendly” any area is to walking. This is not all about leisure walking, though, but also about walking for things like errands, exercise and simply getting out and about. Some of the best corporate apartments get that sort of descriptor (“best”) because of their amenities, décor, layout and features. However, most corporate apartments with high ratings also get that distinction because of their locations. If a temporary apartment is in a great neighborhood, and it has a high walkability factor, it means you can live there and count on your own two feet to get you easily, safely and comfortably to almost any other location.

While you will want to consider a walking score before choosing any temporary apartment because it lets you know just where you are in the city itself, there are a few other things you should consider.


Let’s say that your temporary apartment is a bit outside of the busier, downtown areas. This might put you closer to a corporate headquarters, or not, but it probably also means you will have to count on public transportation or take a rental car during your stay.

Is this realistic? Is it inconvenient? After all, if your temporary apartment has no parking or parking that is fee-based, it can become a bit of an added hassle. You may not like driving in cities and this too can mean that having to have a car might prove an unwelcome frustration.

Consider too that being able to walk everywhere means you get optimal exercise each day. You’ll really enjoy making your way to work or to your various errands, and if you do need transportation, most spots with higher walkability scores also have high scores in terms of their access to buses, cabs and subways.

There are so many benefits to a higher walkability score, and if you are about to choose between one or more corporate rentals, really consider the added value that being a pedestrian in a new city brings.

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