Corporate Housing by Owner Company Spotlight: UrbanFlats in Toronto!

The amazing dynamic city of Toronto

Toronto has long been known as one of Canada’s most cosmopolitan and dynamic cities. It is home to more than six million residents, and is typically described as the commercial heart of the nation. Here you find the Toronto Stock Exchange, five national or large banks, and close to 50% of the immigrant population of the entire country! Clearly, it is diverse, unique and thriving. Naturally, Toronto corporate housing is in high demand because of the city’s immense array of industries – which range from business services and finances to media, publishing, medicine and so much more.

Toronto Corporate Rentals

Getting to know UrbanFlats

Finding furnished housing in Toronto is relatively easy, but as is the case with almost everything in the world – not all providers are alike. One name that stands out from the crowd is UrbanFlats. Dedicated to offering furnished rental suites, they are a preferred Toronto corporate housing provider. Unique for their ability to offer furnished housing in Toronto districts coveted by business and leisure travelers alike, they ensure that tenants are just steps from the best entertainment, financial, business and other downtown districts.

Properties range from one-bedroom gems, such as this one located in the heart of the city in one of the newest and loveliest high-rise complexes, or this one at the ultra-convenient 140 Simcoe with studios to two-bedroom suites. Each of the units is stylishly designed and furnished, replete with services and amenities and even offering such delights as rooftop patios or a rooftop pool.

Toronto corporate housingHowever, UrbanFlats has Toronto corporate housing that is not focused strictly on the premium amenities in the homes and buildings. Instead, as the company spokesperson indicates, “We at Urban Flats Toronto are here to ensure you can experience Toronto like a local”. Thus, your visit may allow you access to a variety of on-site options and activities, but each property is also chosen for its fantastic location in the city itself.
After all, why take furnished housing in Toronto’s downtown if you don’t also enjoy so much of what makes the city a preferred destination. In fact, Toronto corporate housing has been steadily increasing since 2007. At that time, there were less than 875 units available. Today, high quality and premium furnished housing in Toronto numbers over 1,000 units in the metro area.

Corporate Apartment Toronto If you are booking an extended stay or business trip to this amazing city, it is wise to consider booking serviced apartments such as those available from a company like UrbanFlats. Thoughtfully selected, designed and decorated, they are (as the company says) “a quality ‘Home away from home'”, they are a good example of the corporate housing by owner options available in Toronto.

Traveling to Toronto soon and need a furnished rental? Visit, Corporate Housing by Owner or call UrbanFalts at (416) 577-9807.

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