9 Reasons Why Short Term Apartments are Better

Short term apartmentsWhen you learn you’ll be traveling on short-term business of a month or more, no doubt some of the first thoughts through your mind are “Where will I stay?” or “Will they put me up in a hotel?”  Traditionally, that answer has been “Yes.” Staying in a hotel for a long period, however, has it ups and downs. You have to deal with a rotating cast of staff members, reservation mix-ups, compete for the use of amenities, and a bunch of other hassles. Renting a short term apartments or corporate suite eliminates these hassles, so you can focus on your work. Here are 9 reasons it’s better to rent a short-stay apartment:

  1. Short-Stay Apartments are Economical: You can save 25-30% by renting short-term apartments over hotels as you aren’t paying on a per-night basis but a bulk fee based on a longer stay.
  2. There’s More Space: Hotel rooms, even suites, can be cramped even if you’re just staying a day or two. Stay for thirty days or more and you’ll be yearning for room to roam.
  3. The Feeling of Home: The impersonal style of hotels may work for a weekend, but with a longer stay you may feel homesick. Short stay apartments give you that “home away from home” feeling.
  4. It’s All Yours: And with a furnished corporate rental everything is yours to use as you please, with no (or less) competing for the swimming pool or washing machine.

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  1. The Food is Better: It’s great not to have to do the dishes, but if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel for a month you know that you can only eat the hotel restaurant’s food so many times before you get tired of it. What they serve may not meet your dietary needs or desires, and you’ll certainly pay a premium to have that same cheeseburger. With your own furnished kitchen, you can prepare what you want, when you want it, make sure you’re getting food variety not possible from hotels, and not spend your entire per diem in the process.
  2. Laundry and Cleaning Service: Every morning you get a knock on the door at 7 AM to clean your room. It’s a luxury, but is it one you need? You can always opt out with “Do Not Disturb”…if they see the sign on your door. You may not know however, that many short-term stay apartments offer regular cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, or other basis. So you can still leave the deep cleaning to professionals. Laundry is another matter; why pay expensive dry cleaning and laundry fees, pump coins into the coin operated washer and dryer, or just do without, when you can rent a home with its own washer and dryer?
  3. The Amenities “Advantage”: Hotels can claim to offer amenities like an indoor or outdoor pool and spa, free Wi-Fi, gyms, common bars and restaurants, theaters, gyms, and perhaps a concierge service. However, with the rise in popularity of serviced apartments and corporate rentals, there are now many residential short stay apartments offering these same amenities to its residents, so you are sharing with fewer (or no) others.


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  1. Bring Fido, It’s Pet Friendly!: Aside from service animals, hotels often have strict no pet policies. Corporate suites or a short-term apartment for rent may allow you to bring your pet along so you don’t have to board your pet or be away from him or her during your trip.
  2. Stay Where You Want To: Unlike hotels that tend to be clumped into areas of tourism, a short-term apartment or corporate rental has no such restrictions and can be anywhere within the destination you’re traveling to, giving you the chance to reduce your commute dramatically.


There are so many reasons why a Short term Apartments makes more sense for longer trips. CHBO offers thousands of great corporate rentals all across the country. Find that perfect rental apartment for your next business trip today!

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  1. Lisa Smith
    July 3, 2017

    All great tips! We love that fact that so many short-term furnished rentals are now offering pet-friendly options!


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