Tips for Corporate Rental Success

corporate furnished rentals

If you are already looking to rent an apartment with furniture as a short term rental or corporate rental, you might already have taken steps to get it into the marketplace and arrange for management. Did you know that there are also a few rules that can almost guarantee the property is more profitable?corporate furnished rentals

There are, so let’s take a few moments to consider the most important of them:

  • Since you rent an apartment with furniture, it is of the utmost importance that you ensure it is prepared in the most physically appealing manner. Cleanliness is key, but what about the appearance of furniture? What about the linens and decor? Electronics? These matter just as much as the utilities you make available and the prices you charge.
  • Are you always marking your corporate rental? Any good business model features non-stop marketing, even when a product or service has full market penetration. Your best success comes when you ensure that your properties – whether booked or not – are still being publicized and marketed in effective channels.
  • Do you have premium communication and tenant relations in place? Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing, and you get this most readily when you rent an apartment with furniture while also offering the very best tenant relations.

It is not rocket science to succeed in corporate rentals, but with the three steps above, it is far more likely that you will have a steady stream of renters for your space.

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  1. AirKeeper AU
    May 7, 2018

    Learned a lot from this article, thanks for these great tips. Keep up the good work.


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