Top Questions from Corporate Housing Investors

Are you eager to learn about investment options with big potential? If so, you have already heard about corporate housing, no doubt. There is much to know about it, though, and you’ll want to have the right questions (or answers) from your realtor in order to make a good choice.

Let’s start with the basics – what is it?

Your realtor should tell you that it can be a serviced apartment that is privately owned or part of a larger building also owned by a group or other entity. It might also be managed corporate housing that are typically privately owned but managed by a third party group. Then there is owner operated corporate housing that is the most basic and direct – you own it and manage it.

corporate housing investors
Which is best?

That is not something a realtor should tell you as your goals and needs are different from all others. Will you manage? Would you rather just invest and let it go to someone else to manage? What is your budget?

How is it done?

When talking about a corporate managed or other form of serviced apartment, the basic operations are either handled entirely by you (the owner/investor) or via a company you hire to do the work. They take a commission or charge a monthly rate, and if that fits into your financial model, it could be a good solution.

Is it an investment comparable to others? That depends on many things, but if you research the market, you can earn anywhere from roughly $1k per month or more.

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