How to Prevent Illegal Subletting of Your Rental Property

illegal subletting

If you are in the business of offering furnished housing rentals, or you have corporate apartment rentals as a form of investment, you know that you need to keep a close eye on those properties at all times. This is to ensure that guests get the quality stay that you have promised, but it is also to ensure that there is nothing illegal or unwelcome occurring on the premises.

As the simplest illustration of this, consider the ways to sublet furnished housing rentals. For instance, you might approve of a renter and make all of the arrangements for their stay. They might then turn around and post a listing for that very same property on a different site and start to earn a small profit from their tactics.

Because your corporate apartment rentals are meant to give a renter their privacy, it may be very difficult for you to even realize that your furnished housing rentals are being treated in this way. Additionally, it is not at all unheard of for corporate apartment rentals to end up as the site for larger groups, unauthorized parties and events, and more.

illegal rental

That means it comes down to you, as the owner of the furnished housing rentals to have ways of monitoring and preventing illegal subletting of the corporate apartment rentals. The first and most obvious way to do this is to put it directly into the contracts signed by those doing the renting. If it is clear that they forfeit their security deposits or other pre-payments and assume full financial liability for damages, it may make it less likely that they do the illegal maneuvering.

Making visits to the property are a potential answer to preventing subletting, or discovering it has occurred, but you would then need to use your legal options as laid out in the rental agreement. You can also periodically search for your property on the most common sites offering furnished housing rentals to see if someone is seeking to profit from your corporate apartment rentals.

Start Off Right

Of course, one of the best ways to prevent the illegal subletting of a property is to work with websites that strive to eliminate such risks. As an example, if you are working with a corporate rental site, it is far less likely that the dubious characters who use subletting are going to take the risks of renting through such sites. That is because there are approval processes and lots of paper trails that would show that subletting was never part of the arrangement.

You can also hire a professional property manager or a property monitoring service to handle your property or properties. They do all of the due diligence that screens potential renters and helps identify anyone with a history of trouble or subletting tactics.

It is important that your lease is very clear about subletting and that you follow up with renters to be sure this is not occurring. Once they have sublet, it can be very difficult to force someone to vacate the premises. Working with an expert in corporate housing rentals is a good way to avoid such headaches.

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