Why Remote Check-In Is Your New Best Friend in Furnished Rentals?

corporate rental stays

Those who own furnished rentals know that there are many steps in the process of marketing, renting and handling such spaces. As one author recently explained, many owners “run their properties remotely, [and] the smaller details of renting – such as key handover, check-ins and check-outs – can cause headaches and stress.” Add to that the fact that whether a renter is traveling or arriving for a work-related stay, there are any number of factors that can disrupt the schedule. That can make it impossible to do “in person” greetings and check-ins for corporate rentals.

corporate rental stays

This is why remote check-in is a perfect component for those with corporate housing and furnished rentals. What is remote check-in? Well, it can actually be many things, and is often what is easiest for you to handle. Let’s look at some of the most recommended for owners of corporate housing and furnished rentals.

  • Lock Boxes – This is a traditional method for real estate professionals and it works just as nicely for corporate rentals. All you do is leave a standard lock box on or by the door, and when the renter is cleared for the rental, you just send them the combination via email or text. You have step by step instructions for the use of the box and how they should handle the keys when leaving for the last time.
  • Smart Locks – With so many furnished rentals featuring automation, it makes sense to simply add the door locks to the home network. You simply change the code for each new guest in the corporate housing and send it to them upon clearance for the rental. Once they are recognized (via their phone) in the system once, the doors will unlock automatically for them each day.
  • ELocks – A bit less high tech than smart locks, they are just electronic deadbolts fitted on the doors of the premises. The guests are supplied the codes via email or text on the date of their arrival and can then use that unique code throughout their stay.

Naturally, you can always opt for the most old-fashioned method and hire someone to do it for you. A property manager can meet with new renters in person, give them the keys and show them the property. This can enable you to live anywhere and get the check-in (as well as everything else) done remotely. However, you might find that many modern renters are really happy to use the three approaches to check-in outlined above.

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