CHBO City Spotlight: Philadelphia Corporate Housing.

Philadelphia Corporate housing

You hear the name Philadelphia and think of early American history. Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell and the Constitution are all concepts directly related to the city, and yet it is one of the most thriving places in terms of economic expansion, education and growth. In fact, according to one set of statistics, Philly’s job growth is currently “enjoying the longest period of economic expansion in the last 50 years.  In 2017, the city added 10,700 jobs.”

Philadelphia Corporate housing

Though it might seem as if that growth would focus on limited segments of the overall market, it is in fact quite diverse. As that same set of data relates, the market includes business and financial services, information services, real estate, education, health services, education, hospitals and more. For instance, “15 colleges and universities and five hospitals, [account] for 20% of Center City employment. Entertainment, leisure, hospitality and retail provide 16% of downtown jobs…[and] Federal, state and
local government employment provides 12% of Center City jobs.”

This makes it a very wise market for investment in corporate housing. In fact, that is supported by the statistics relating to new homes in the city, with “the construction of 2,680 new apartments, single-family homes and condominiums” appearing in 2017 alone. Most point towards the downtown and Center City area as the best choice. Not only is there where so much of the city’s business and tourism activities occur, but also because it is home to much of the historical and cultural life of the city.

Rated third in the nation after New York and Washington D.C., it is seen not only as a cultural hotspot, but as one actively expanding upon that area of city life. It has a growing reputation as a “foodie” destination, boasting a reputation for multi-cultural eateries meeting the needs of almost any taste.

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Whether you are interested in executive and corporate housing by owner investments or eager to find a rental for a longer stay in town, you’ll soon realize that Philadelphia and its many neighborhoods have much to offer. Just consider a few of these impressive options:

A Penthouse with a View – Sitting right next-door to the Philadelphia Art Museum, and overlooking one of the loveliest parks, Fairmount Park, is this impressive apartment. A fully furnished bi-level it has one bedroom and one bath and is a quick walk to all major transportation hubs. Head to the river, the City Center, the many attractions and all of the key businesses while savoring your beautifully decorated, amenities-rich surroundings. Also close by is another little one bedroom gem with stunning views, world-class amenities and a perfect location steps to all public transportation.

Old Meets New – Modeled on classic brownstones, this newly build one bedroom and one bath property is steps from famed Rittenhouse Square and has stunning views, high end features and one of the most coveted locations imaginable.

Whether for business or pleasure or even as a spot for premium investment, Philadelphia is a perfect market to choose!

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