Five Things to Look for While Searching for a Corporate Apartments

Corporate Housing by Owner

Whether you require a place to stay between moves (as part of a relocation) or you are on a long-term project or visit to a specific area, a corporate rental or premium furnished rental is often an ideal solution. Yet, as is the case with so many things on life, not all options for a corporate apartment or furnished rental are the same. There are a few factors you must consider when choosing between your options.


Corporate Housing Location

There is no right answer where location is concerned. You may feel that proximity to a downtown area or even distance from an urban setting is your preference. The point to consider is “what sort of location is right for you?” The good news is that there are always many options for a corporate apartment in most of the major cities, metro areas and even popular destinations.


Corporate Apartment Rental Furniture

One factor you must really take seriously is the furnishing of the property. It may be called a furnished rental, but you may find yourself in need of linens, plates and cutlery, cookware, and electronics. Be sure that the site is fully furnished if you want it to serve as an authentic home-away-from-home. Also consider that a requirement to go out and buy any furnishings means a higher cost overall.

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Corporate Apartment Swimming pool

Different from furnishings are amenities. These can include things like a swimming pool or use of a community facility, but also things like a backyard, garage, laundry room, premium Wi-Fi, and more. What amenities are important for you to be able to move in and get comfortable as well as enjoy your downtime? Make a list and use those “must have” features and amenities to guide you.


Corporate Apartment Rental Price

One thing you must be certain of is the fairness of the pricing. There are some premium sites that show many corporate rental options and you can see the prices and terms for listings. Do a realistic comparison to calculate the area’s average costs and determine if one property is priced too high or low – you don’t want to choose either!


Finally, when considering furnished rental, look at the terms and how flexible they are. Can you renew your contract for a lengthier stay? What sort of allowances are there for pets, additional guests, and even things like lawn care? What is included in the cost and what sort of limitations exist.

When you use those five simple factors, compare at least three properties in the area of interest, and choose based on your specific needs, you’ll have a perfect home for your stay in any area.

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  1. Skylar Williams
    December 11, 2019

    I like that you said you should consider what type of location is right for you. My brother travels for work a lot, and he needs housing when he’s gone for weeks at a time. I’ll pass this tip onto him as well as the idea to search for corporate housing.

  2. James Ford
    May 30, 2019

    These are great tips for a corporate feel but can it also be duplicated for family apartments.


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