Incorporate DocuSign to Your Rental Routine

When you are the owner of corporate apartments and furnished houses for rent, your plate is pretty full. You have a lot of different tasks to juggle, including everything from marketing and sales to dealing with current tenants, issues with maintenance, and so much more. One of the last things you want to mess up are the documents pertaining to your corporate apartments or furnished houses for rent, and that is why Corporate Housing by Owner makes the popular Docusign option available.

What is it? It is a very popular company that has a goal of accelerating business and simplifying life for companies and individuals in every field or industry. Essentially, they were the earliest pioneers of e-signature technology. This uses the cloud and a “System of Agreement Platform” that allows you to digitize all of your signed agreements.

Through this service, landlords that own corporate apartments or furnished houses for rent can prepare the applications, leasing agreements and other documentation needed for each rental, send them to the relevant parties, get them electronically signed and then manage them easily, and all without stepping out the front door. The documents are able to be integrated into a website, mobile app and workflow and eliminate the problems that paper-generated documents create.

Rather than meeting to get an application signed and submitted, meeting to get a lease signed, and meeting for other documentation, owners of corporate apartments and furnished houses for rent can enjoy the ease of Docusign. Additionally, they can present themselves as the ultimate in modern professionalism, making the entire process of finding the perfect rental, submitting an application or rental request, and formalizing it, a matter of a few clicks.

In fact, this technology is so advanced that it can be done via a mobile device. Neither you (the landlord) or your renters have to be at a desktop to get the process both started and completed. Instead, you can do it all from your phone or tablet and from anywhere in the world. Both parties have real-time notifications and tracking, and it makes it easier and faster than ever to rent properties and keep track of documents without lots of paperwork and inefficiency. Handy logs and histories make it a breeze to search for previous paperwork and keep track of clients.

As one of the newest features at CHBO, owners can upload documents to send for electronic signature and manage them in the easiest ways possible. If you are already a CHBO property owner, you can buy credits or visit the site to learn more.

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