13 Tips to Boost Your Sales This Black Friday for Corporate Housing Rentals

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a day that brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year for both physical and online businesses. This year is expected to bring in more money than ever before, so you should make sure that your corporate housing takes in its fair share. We’ll share some great tips to help you boost your sales on this exciting day.

Black Friday Sale

Build Suspense

The reason Black Friday brings in so much money is because it relies on clients who believes there is a scarcity, which leads to a need for urgency. One way to make sure people come to you, not the competitors, is by teasing your sale for the big day. Use hashtags and post content that builds anticipation in your user base.

Offer Early Sales

While anticipation works well on many, others are ready to make a purchase early. You don’t want to provide that to everyone but choosing a certain group for pre-orders can work well. Consider providing this option to previous customers in order to increase sales.

Provide a Tiered Base Period

This works by offering a certain price for early shoppers, and then ramping the price up over time or as products are bought. Those who shop first get the best price or offer, those in the next tier get a slightly higher price, and so on. This works well when both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sales you participate in.

Limit Your Offer

When people feel like a product is scarce, they are more likely to buy. You can use this with your own stock, but make sure potential customers know. This will make people feel the urgency and they will be more likely to go through with the purchase. It also means you don’t have to keep up a price that might be too low for an entire day.

Bundle Services and Products

If you are offering executive apartments, one option is to bundle something else with it to get the sale you want. This might be offering free housekeeping or another service for a certain period when someone takes out a rental.

Offer Discounts on Referrals

Another way to bring in clients is by offering a multi-level referral system. Basically, if a client refers one person to your executive apartments, they would receive a certain discount. Someone who referred ten people would be provided with a larger discount.

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Reward Past Clients

By communicating with past customers separately from potential customers, you can offer different rewards. You might offer current clients an additional product or service to foster loyalty toward your corporate housing options.

User Behavior Rewards

This might sound a bit complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you use email marketing software, you can move your customers into different segments based on whatever factors you like. You can provide offers based on location, pages visited, previous buying behavior, and more.

Provide a Countdown Timer

There’s nothing like a countdown timer on your executive apartments website to create the urgency you want. You can also incorporate this into your landing pages and even your emails for the best results.

Test Different Campaign Elements

One of the best ways to make money on Black Friday is by testing different ad copy, landing pages, emails, and banners for your website. Knowing what works and what doesn’t before the day comes will ensure you make the money you want.

Get in Touch with Social Influences

Being talked about by social media influences can get your name out there on such an important day. However, you need to provide an offer that stands out because these people have tons of options.

Bump the Price

While you don’t want to simply make prices higher right before Black Friday, what you can do is create bundles and add related services to make your customers see a huge value and be more likely to pay more for it. The value is higher so your prices can be as well.

Personalize Your Cross Sales

It might sound strange but after a customer has taken advantage of a deal, they are more likely to buy something else. You can offer a great deal on one service but bump prices on additional items that you cross-sell to them to increase the revenue per sale.

Implementing one or more of these tips is sure to bring people excited to learn more about your executive apartments. You can increase your sales and benefit from the huge amounts of money associated with Black Friday.

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