What NOT to Do with Your Furnished Rentals

Furnished rentals by CHBO

Let me share a story with you about a visit to Greece. We booked a private home rental and it seemed great in the images. While it had a fabulous view, all of the taps were loose and one fell off in the middle of a shower. The landlord knew there were problems, admitted it and was surprised by our negative comments. He lost us as future renters, and if you have furnished rentals available, take lessons from our experience.

Tips for Success in Corporate Housing Rentals

In other words, if you want to lose out on future bookings for your corporate housing or furnished rentals, use advice like that from our article, “What Not To Do As a Corporate Housing Landlord”. In it we talked about the steps you should take to ensure your renters remain happy and wish to book a return visit or recommend you to others.

Biggest Mistakes by Furnished Rentals Landlords

For example, we suggested that you:

  • Never skip the basics – Soap, garbage bags, linens, and all the rest must really be available at all times
  • Never skip the cleaning – Think of every renter of your corporate housing as a person who might run a gloved hand along a mantle. No, they probably won’t, but clean the place to that standard
  • Never skip the callback – Responsiveness is huge when you have furnished rentals, and you will want to always answer or phone back instantly
  • Never lie – If there is an issue with the property, don’t cover it up, fail to list it and so on.
Corporate housing by owner

CHBO’s Jeremy Blackburn also has a fantastic point, saying “All these points still hold valid for landlords. Best advice I can give is to stay in your property as a renter and figure out the pros and cons overall.” See if you “enjoy” your stay or would give yourself a thumbs down, and make any improvements necessary!

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