Learn How to Respond to a Corporate Property Review in a Positive Way

Though many of us grew up with the idea that we are wiser to “choose our battles” and “turn the other cheek”, when it comes to reviews of a furnished rental you own, or corporate apartments and other similar properties, your worst approach to negative comments is to ignore it or walk away. In fact, there are a few ways you can handle negative comments on your furnished rental in a way that can end up harming you, too.

So, to help out those who are looking to monetize their properties by offering corporate apartments rentals, we have some savvy tips about dealing with a bad (and often unfair or exaggerated) reviews. Why did we say they are often unfair and exaggerated? The internet has created a whole generation of people who are apt to type first and think later. This is true of emails, texts, and yes, reviews. Many people who might post a snarky or potentially harmful comment about your furnished rental would probably dial it back if they took a few moments to speak with you one-on-one rather than making their complaint an issue in a public forum.

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Still, it happens, and rather than handle it badly, it is best to learn how to respond in a way that lets you come out smelling like a rose. And because it is important to be calm about such things, the first tip we offer is this:

Look at any negative or bad reviews of your corporate apartments as a potential learning experience. They can allow you to use your best “voice, to right your wrongs and to deliver stellar customer service — and to do it publicly, where potential customers can see it.”

Then, you will want to:

  • Always respond quickly – preferably within 24 hours
  • Focus your wording on making it right and NOT explaining away the issue or arguing about it. First and foremost – Apologize and make it right. No one wants to see a huge overshare that might make it all seem even worse.
  • Be genuine, i.e. use your own two fingers and not an automated response to complaints
  • Always be polite. If you want the negative comments about a furnished rental to harm your reputation, go ahead and be snippy. However, you can turn it all around if you are simply polite about it all – no matter how frustrating.
  • Turn it around by putting yourself in their place or just thinking of what potential future customers will think of what they read.
  • Go offline. If a customer who has complained about your corporate apartments is ready to fight, take it out of sight and offline. Remain polite, sympathetic and proactive, but don’t let them slam your repeatedly in the public spotlight.

It can be galling to get unfair comments, but if you handle them properly, you can leverage them to your advantage.

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