What to Know Before Renting a Furnished Rental Sight Unseen.

Furnished Home For Rent

You need a furnished rental or appropriate corporate housing for relocation purposes. Whether you intend it to be long-term or for a matter of months, you may find yourself in a rush or forced to take the furnished rental “sight unseen”. At the very least, that should you mean you get a lot of photos of the housing, take a look at the street using a tool like Google’s Street View, and do some basic homework on the general location and conditions.

Finding the right location (close to the amenities, services and activities most important to you), is a crucial step in selecting good corporate housing for relocation. Is that all there is to it? No, you also have to be certain that the furnished rental meets your specific needs.

After all, the variation in corporate housing for relocation is much wider than most realize. Consider the channels through which a furnished rental is made available:

  • As corporate housing, including resources like CHBO
  • Via real estate property management firms
  • Through individual property owner listings
Corporate Housing

Then, there is the issue of your actual needs, which may be different than what any provider thinks of as a necessity. For instance, your “need” may involve pricing, location, a back yard, and so on.

Take the time before you begin hunting for your corporate housing for relocation to clearly itemize your needs. Don’t forget things like pet-friendly policies (if that applies), technologies like Wi-Fi or cable, laundry facilities, and so on.

Once you are sure about the essentials, you are likely to find that it is furnished corporate housing that ends up fitting your needs best. This is often because the properties are available for much greater stretches of time, are designed to meet the needs of corporate travelers and relocations more so than other options, and typically understand that many renters are forced to take properties without first visiting them.

The corporate housing rental owners often make such things as floor plans available, inventories that identify every piece of furniture (including electronics and kitchen gear), offer amenities like internet access and cable, have average utility costs/estimates or reports, and will meet you upon arrival to help you settle in or become more familiar with the general surroundings and neighborhood.

Even nicer is that most corporate property rental owners will have references and a diversity of easy to use tools to make the process easier, more reliable, and less stressful. CHBO specializes in premium corporate rentals for short, long or relocation needs.

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