City Spotlight: The Best and the Brightest Corporate Housing is in Portland, Oregon

Portland corporate housing

Portland is known as a place where the housing market is either shooting up into the sky and beyond or crashing to the ground. However, as of 2018, things seem to be changing for this popular Oregon city. While the median home price is still rising, it’s only doing so at half the rate it was one year ago. Houses that used to sell nearly immediately are now taking a couple of weeks to do so. This is a slowdown that is expected to last and is an exciting sign of what may still be to come.

Take this Portland furnished housing as an example. This one-bedroom and one-bathroom condo is fully furnished and located only a few blocks away from some of the best dining and shopping that can be found in the city. The property boasts a swimming pool, parking, Wi-Fi, cable, and access to laundry facilities. There’s a massive private balcony so you can look out over the city and enjoy the fresh air of the area. The open floor plan is modern and offers a large dining room, living room, and modern kitchen with everything you could need included.

Portland furnished housing

Just to show it isn’t a fluke, there’s another example of Portland corporate housing. It’s in the Hawthorne neighborhood and ideal for anyone traveling into town for business or pleasure. The property is a one-bedroom apartment-style property in a nice, quiet area so you can have a bit of privacy. You get a private entrance along with a nice porch to enjoy all year round. Inside, you’ll enjoy wood floors and an open floor plan with a large living room and entertainment space. If you visit in summer, there are even rose gardens to enjoy during your stay.

Portland corporate housing is a great way to experience the city and it’s easier than ever to find the right space for your needs. With a city that is popular to people from all walks of life, that’s a great thing for potential buyers and even corporate visitors who are renting for a few weeks or longer. You can get to know the city and all of its excellence without having to research and fight to find a place to stay. This is the year to spend time in Portland.

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