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Top Locations for Work and Play for Young Professionals!

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Published Date: 2019-05-06
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One of the most mobile workforces in the United States is made up of Gen Xer’s, who were born between 1960 and 1981. These professionals are looking for advancement opportunities in their careers and tend to be open to going the distance, literally, to find them. These workers want to build their skills and network, which means they end up all over the place.

However, some areas are brimming with far more of them than other locations.

  • Boston, Massachusetts – Boston is a great city with a college scent, unique neighborhoods, and tons of startups. That makes this a perfect destination for young professionals on the move. If you’re curious to find out where other Gen X and Gen Y youth are working and hanging out, read this article and it will answer all of your questions. You can get an idea of whether your corporate housing is up to snuff.
  • Chicago, Illinois – The Windy City is thriving with more than three million people and counting. However, there’s a lot more going for the city than just that. In fact, it’s been mentioned by Fortune Magazine as being the “Best City for Business” in past years. Its also have good corporate rental properties.
  • Denver, Colorado – Denver is a beautiful city with great sports teams, outdoor activities, and plenty of business opportunities. It’s not a surprise that the younger crowd is running to spend time in the Mile-High City in furnished apartments Rentals.
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – Sure, Minneapolis has the friendly Midwestern vibe and is close to the largest mall in America, but it has other perks for young professionals who rent furnished apartments. It has a strong culture and economy which make it a winning destination.
  • Portland, Oregon – Portland has an economy that is strong due to being a base of wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and manufacturing. It also has fantastic views of the mountains and rivers to enjoy when at play even in furnished rentals.
  • San Francisco, California – This place is always a spot for the unique and young, with ethnic neighborhoods and diverse cultural spots. It also features a dynamic work environment younger workers love. San Francisco provides great rental opportunities as well.
  • Seattle, Washington – While Seattle might be known for being rainy, it also has a cultural center that appeals to young workers needing corporate housing. It’s even been listed as one of the “30 Great Cities to Start Out In.” Seattle is also rank good in furnished rentals.
  • Washington, DC – Young professionals in politics love DC which has a diverse scent with all the culture and politics you could imagine. Washington, DC rentals are one main attraction.

If you’re looking to bring in young workers, these cities are good places to start. However, offering student discounts and digital options are also good perks to have to get younger workers in your corporate housing.

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