Property Spotlight: Luxury Historic Furnished Log Cabin Near Atlanta.

Furnished Log Cabin Near Atlanta

Have you ever wanted to spend a month in a piece of living history? With this luxury log cabin located in north Atlanta, that chance is now available. This gorgeous home was once the property of a colonel in the Revolutionary War. He was gifted the home as a thanks for his brave service. With a historic past that you can feel as soon as you step inside, but the modern amenities wanted in a corporate rental, this rental is completely unique and offers something other properties simply cannot.

This is a huge property with 4,200 square feet of space, four bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. It was built more than 200 years ago using logs that are now over 300 years old. Every time you run your hand over the logs that make this cabin what it is, you are touching an actual part of United States history. This home is called the Bryan House which is a tribute to those who originally owned and loved this exquisite home. Each night you go to bed in the master bedroom, you can almost feel the presence of those who made this house what it is.

Furnished Log Cabin Near Atlanta

As the property manager Jason explains, “It was left for dead for decades rotting away in the fields of Tennessee until one family’s ambitious plan to purchase, disassemble, and transport it to NW Atlanta in the early 70’s to be reassembled piece by piece.” The home was brought back to life once again but as the owners aged, it began to fall into disrepair once more. While there was less work required this time around, it took nearly nine months to handle the systems and cosmetics rehaul that was required. But all of that work was worth it.

Furnished Log Cabin Near Atlanta

Today the Bryan House is more beautiful and elegant than ever before. It has modern heating and cooling, a custom chef’s kitchen, luxurious master bedroom and bathroom, outside living area, and a whole home lighting package. It might be a home with a history, but it has all the modern options you expect in a luxury rental to enjoy. Whether you’re in the seating area with your family, enjoying breakfast in a nook that seats four, or entertaining a crowd outside, you can’t beat the excellent found in this home in north Atlanta. You don’t want to miss experiencing this beautiful piece of history in its finest hour yet.

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