Why is There Such a Wide Range of Corporate Housing Rent Rates?

Wide Range of Corporate Housing Rent

It can be frustrating and confusing to look at the rental rates of corporate housing which is furnished and see the numbers all over the place. Everything from the date you want to move in to the term of the lease can have an effect on prices.

Top Reason for Rent Fluctuations

The most common reason for rates to fluctuated with corporate apartment rentals boils down to simple supply and demand. In most cases, a software program sets pricing each day based on occupancy and vacancy at a property. However, lease expirations and lease terms also play a huge impact on the pricing.

Other Factors in Rental Rates

There are a handful of other things that effect the price you pay for corporate apartment rentals which are worth being aware of. One of those is the time of year. While this can vary, in many cases corporate housing that is furnished will be cheaper during the late fall and early winter. This may be a more significant change in a touristy area or on the coast.

Wide Range of Corporate Housing Rent

Floor level can also have an impact on what your price will be. For instance, taking the penthouse apartment is likely to cost more than taking the basement or garden apartment. If you don’t care much about what level you are on, you may save money based on that.

The apartment’s location within a community is also important to consider. People are often willing to pay more to have a skyline view or a view of the ocean than they are to have an apartment with a less attractive view. In the same way, an apartment right by a pool might cost more than one all the way across the building.

You also have to think about the floor plan. Apartments vary in terms of layout, the finishes used on the interior, and how much square footage is available. A smaller apartment is likely to be more affordable than a large one.

CHBO Furnished Apartments

CHBO has corporate apartment rentals with premium furnishings, utilities, wireless Internet, full-size appliances, electronics and more. We work to negotiate the best possible prices with communities so clients have the best options possible.

The sooner you look, the better the deals you can find so we always recommend searching as soon as possible. No matter what you’re looking for, we probably have something that fits your needs.

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